Apply for the Island Residency

From its inception, Indy Island's artist, Andrea Zittel, envisioned the Island Residency as a temporary program. Working with Zittel, the IMA will be evaluating the future of the program and the Island. We are currently not accepting applications.

Once a year, the IMA issues a call for proposals for a six-week summer residency on Andrea Zittel’s Indy Island within the IMA’s The Virginia B. Fairbanks Art and Nature Park: 100 Acres. Graduate and undergraduate students and professionals in the fields of art, design, architecture and performing arts are encouraged to apply to customize and reside on Indy Island.

The chosen applicant will be awarded a stipend to customize the interior of the island and implement their proposal during a residency. The Indy Island resident will have the opportunity to communicate their unique experience though the use of a blog provided by the IMA. Learn more about Indy Island, or visit the page for the 2010, 2011, and 2012 residents.


  • Graduate and undergraduate students and professionals in the fields of art, design, architecture and performing arts are encouraged to apply to customize and reside on Indy Island.
  • Residents will be responsible for the design, customization, and fabrication of the interior of the island and all other components of the selected project. Indy Island is currently supplied with objects created by or brought to the island by the previous residents. It will be the 2013 resident’s choice to incorporate these materials into new proposals or to disregard these objects.
  • Collaboratives and groups are encouraged to apply. Please fill out one application, regardless of the number of people in your group.
  • Residents are expected to communicate their experiences and conclusions to a larger audience through a blog provided by the IMA. Residents may also choose to use other social networking platforms if applicable. Indy Island generates a lot of interest with Park visitors. Residents should have an expectation of some interaction with visitors.


  • Island residents are provided with a budget of $3000, paid in two installments, to purchase materials for fabrication. All materials purchased with this budget are property of the IMA. A personal stipend of $1500 is also awarded.
  • The IMA will provide roundtrip travel to Indianapolis for one resident. If a group application is chosen, these stipends will be divided among members of the group, or the group can nominate an individual member to serve as a representative for the residency.
  • Residents will be loaned an iPad to use for blogging for the duration of the residency.
  • This commission is a large time commitment. It would be ideal for students participating to earn credits at their university for their work, but this must be negotiated by the resident with his or her university.


Island renderings with dimensions

Island View One

Island View Two

More perspectives of the Indianapolis Island

Perspective One

Perspective Two

Perspective Three

Perspective Four

Pictures of the empty island

Hours & Safety

  • The Park is open from dawn until dusk.
  • Security is available at the Museum 24 hours a day, and will be accessible via a radio loaned to the residents.
  • Residents will have a key to the Ruth Lilly Visitors Pavilion. Restrooms are located within the Pavilion, and it can also be used as a refuge during extreme weather. Showers are located within the Museum.

Important Dates

Applications for the 2013 residency are closed. Please check back for 2014 dates.

Selection Process

  • Applications are subject to an initial review by the curatorial staff of the IMA’s Department of Contemporary Art: Senior Curator and Chair Lisa D. Freiman, Curator Sarah Urist Green, and Curatorial Assistant Amanda York.
  • Proposals that pass this review are presented to an interdepartmental team of IMA staff, the members of which weigh the pros and cons of each proposal from their diverse perspectives.
  • Creators of the most promising proposals will be contacted for a Skype or phone interview with curatorial staff. These proposals and the findings from the interview will be reviewed in consultation with Andrea Zittel, resulting in a final decision.


Please submit all questions to Amanda York.