Chop Stick

Chop Stick, created by the Swedish architecture duo visiondivision, provides visitors to 100 Acres a place to sit, swing, and enjoy refreshments in an outdoor pavilion crafted almost entirely from a single tree. The 100-foot-tall tulip tree—the state tree of Indiana—was found in a forest near Anderson, Indiana, and transported to 100 Acres with a large portion of its limbs intact. The design for Chop Stick revolves around the architects’ ambition to harvest a material as gently and thoughtfully as possible.

Chop Stick was one of Designboom's 2012 Top Ten Public Spaces and is nominated for ArchDaily's Building of the Year.

A few fun facts about the work:

  • The tree weighs more than 6 tons
  • The bark from the tree was removed and kiln-dried to create the shingles that cover the concession stand
  • Slices from the base of the tree trunk form the tops of the tables


Project Documentation

About the Artists

Visiondivision is a Stockholm-based architecture firm founded in 2005 by Anders Berensson and Ulf Mejergren. They have completed numerous projects throughout Sweden, as well as in The Netherlands, Mexico, and Argentina. Visiondivision’s diverse practice merges architecture and design to provide highly imaginative solutions for a wide range of clients. Past projects include an underwater habitat for crayfish (Cancer City, 2010), an addition to a villa for the client’s children featuring underground caves (Hill Hut, 2010), a fire-heated bathtub for a former welder in his favorite childhood creek (Cauldron Claw, 2009), gingerbread houses for Stockholm’s Arkitekturmuseet (2009), and a shrine built within a mountain for a mining community in Bolivia (Capilla para el Tio, 2008).