Conducting research is an important aspect of the work of any museum, and is central to the mission of the Indianapolis Museum of Art. The Museum conducts research in the areas of art history, conservation and conservation science, WWII era provenance, visitor studies, information science, and the environment. The Museum also makes resources available to researchers, including libraries, archives, IMA-produced publications, and image resources.


There are two research libraries, Stout Reference Library and the Horticulture Society Library.


The IMA Archives chronicles the history of the institution since its founding in 1883.


The IMA publishes catalogues that highlight the many facets of the Museum.

Image Resources

Image reproductions may be licensed for scholarly, commercial, or personal/study uses.

Curatorial Research

Curatorial research contributes valuable scholarship to the field of art history.

WWII Era Provenance Research

Research on the chain of ownership of works of art in the IMA's collection.

Conservation Research

Research that informs the understanding and care of the IMA's collections.

Conservation Science

Research about the material and chemical aspects of artwork and its interaction with the environment.

Information Science

Research that expands our understanding of how technology and people interact.

Audience Research and Evaluation

Understanding and supporting visitor experiences at the IMA, both onsite and online.

Environmental Research

Ongoing assessment of the environmental and geological issues associated with 100 Acres.