Board of Governors

June McCormack, Chair
Thomas Hiatt, Vice Chair; Development Committee, Chair
Rick L. Johnson, Vice Chair, Investment Committee, Chair
Derica Rice, Vice Chair
Matthew Gutwein, Treasurer; Finance Committee Chair
Ersal Ozdemir, Secretary; Government Relations, Chair
Lynne M. Maguire, At Large, Compensation Committee, Chair
Charles Venable, Melvin & Bren Simon Director and CEO

The Honorable Sergio Aguilera
Agatha S. Barclay
Katie Betley, Buildings and Grounds Committee, Chair
Mary Clare Broadbent
Bradley (Brad) B. Chambers
Jane Fortune
Kent Hawryluk
Christina Kite
Kay Koch, Collections Committee, Chair
Deborah Lilly
Peter Morse
Benjamin A. Pecar - Audit Committee, Chair
John G. Rapp
Michael Robertson
Marya Rose, Nominating Committee, Chair
Stephen Russell
Jeffrey Smulyan