Greening the IMA

The Indianapolis Museum of Art is the first museum to become an ENERGY STAR partner for its efforts to be more environmentally responsible. ENERGY STAR is a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy, which recognizes products and businesses for utilizing energy efficient products and practices.

The IMA values not only the conservation of its artistic assets, but also of its environmental assets. The Museum is in a unique position to lead by example in the area of sustainability in the city of Indianapolis and beyond, and to proactively address global environmental issues.

Greening the IMA Fact Sheet

Seeing Colors in a New Light

Greening Grants and Awards

In 2010, the IMA received a $92,674 grant from the Office of Energy Development. The purpose of the grant is two-fold: to replace one boiler with a high efficiency, low pressure steam boiler and to replace 111 metal halide lights in the parking garage with energy efficient induction lights. The induction lights use approximately 50% less energy and the lamp life is more than six times greater than the lamps currently installed. The total cost of the project is $185,348. The IMA developed this proposal with TRANE and EcoParking Lights, Inc. who will be responsible for most of the labor. Through this project, the IMA will save 125,634 KwH of energy and 3.64 billion BTU of gas, and it will generate a cost savings of $29,604 each year.