Beginning in April, our admission policy will change. Here’s the top 10 things you need to know.

I am a journalist planning a visit to the IMA. How do I request a media kit for my visit?
For your convenience, all of the Museum’s standard press materials, including fact sheets, press releases, and images for download, are available in the IMA’s online Press/News section. If you would like a press kit with hard copies of any of these materials during your visit or have need of additional information, please contact media@imamuseum.org.

What media credentials do I need to gain entry to the Museum, a special exhibition, or a program?
General admission to the IMA is free. No media credentials are required for entry into the Museum galleries. If you are a journalist interested in gaining entry to a special exhibition or program or for permission to photograph, please contact media@imamuseum.org for media credentials.

May I preview exhibitions prior to their public opening or visit the Museum when it is closed to the public?
The IMA regularly holds media preview days before special exhibitions open to the public. Additionally, the Museum will work with journalists to grant early access to exhibitions on alternative dates whenever possible. The Museum can only accommodate special requests for access during closed hours on a case-by-case basis. Please contact media@imamuseum.org.

How do I arrange an interview with a member of the IMA staff?
Please contact media@imamuseum.org.

May I take photographs or video footage in the Museum?
Please review the IMA’s Photography Policies.

If you are a member of the media and have a special request, such as photographing or filming works to which the IMA does not hold a copyright (i.e. contemporary works or works in special exhibitions), or if your photography needs require the use of flash lighting or external photography equipment, you must be accompanied by a member of the IMA Public Affairs staff. Please contact media@imamuseum.org to make arrangements in advance.

If you are interested in taking photos or video footage for commercial purposes, please send your request to media@imamuseum.org.

How do I obtain b-roll of the Museum?
The IMA has a variety of b-roll available to members of the broadcast media. Please contact media@imamuseum.org with your needs. Additionally, please visit imamuseum.org or artbabble.org to view web-enabled video footage related to the IMA, which may be suitable for your needs and is available for sharing across web platforms.