Can you give an example of a work of art that changed the way you viewed the world?

Is there a work of art that has changed the way you view the world?

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Which one?


  1. EunJung Kim on -

    To me, Piet Mondrian’s art pieces change me to observe the world differently. Before knew him, I didn’t realize the beauty of the line and the beauty of space.

  2. For me, a work of art that changed the way I view the world was Guy DeBord’s Naked City. Not only did I write my undergrad thesis on DeBord & the Situationists, but I find that there is truth in the philosophy he put forth about the way people move through a city– and how its psychic parameters unconsciously (or, in his case, consciously) influence peoples’ paths. Reading Andre Breton’s novel Nadja really helped me understand this, too. And now I look at moving through a city– especially a new city– as a wholly different experience than I did before

    1. I agree in that learning about the Situationists really impacted how I walk through the city, how I view television, and really how I engage in any activities, really. I look at everything as an opportunity for a “game of events

  3. Laura on -

    I love the works of the Pre-Raffelites. Ophelia by John Everett Millais is my favourite. It did not change my life but it conveys a sense of peace and serenity despite the tragedy behind it. It calms me down.

  4. Anderson on -

    I have always loved Salvador Dali’s work, but I’m not sure if he has changed my perspective on the world.

  5. Gene Watson on -

    Many of Fred Tomaselli’s pieces have given me a new appreciation for how detailed and intricate works of art can be. His use of small objects embedded in resin is fascinating to me.

    1. Morgan on -

      Agreed! Love Tomaselli! I wish the IMA would put their Tomaselli piece on display more often!!!!

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