Can you give an example of a work of art that changed the way you viewed the world?

Is there a work of art that has changed the way you view the world?

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  1. Jared V and Jeremiah M on -

    There is not any artwork that has made us see the world any differentaly. To us the world is what it is, with or without art.

  2. Gabe McClellan on -

    I think a lot of different subjects of art could change the views of the world. But some have a much bigger impact then others. I think that any peice of art that has a meaning cane change any view of the world.

  3. Angelica Duran on -

    The question is vague because technically every little thing I view or smell or hear changes the way I view the world. I guess in terms of impact, I am moved by the beauty of the painted or glaze vases from the Han Dynasty, which remind me of the U.S. Poet William Carlos Williams’s artistic call to “make it new!’ This means getting the old “it” — not ignoring it — and doing something with it.

    1. IMA Staff
      IMA Staff on -

      Great point. There is something very poignant about being able to visually represent the past along with something new. When an artist makes a conscious choice not to ignore the past but to face it head on, this definitely feels quite “active” rather than passive.

  4. Anonymous on -

    Travel has influenced me more than any one piece of art. Although the art of Norman Rockwell warms my heart.

  5. Lexus Burnette on -

    Here’s what i to say about this i think it’s a beautiful piece of art there’s alot of talent in every piece of art to be honest you just have to uncover the true beauty.

  6. Carrie Walton on -

    Duchamp’s Fountain. I saw this artwork at the Indiana University Art Museum and at first had no respect for it. After having read some of Duchamp’s writings, I was able to look at the piece in a new way. I realized that Fountain was created to test society’s view of what art was. I thought art had to be aesthetically pleasing, but now I see art as anything visual that sends a compelling message.

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