Can you give an example of a work of art that changed the way you viewed the world?

Is there a work of art that has changed the way you view the world?

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  1. Nedah Zamani on -

    There have definitely been several works of art that have changed the way I view the world at various points in my life. One notable example of such a piece would be Shepar Fairey’s Dyptich on the Good and Bad Sides of Capitalism. Not only did it bring to mind a number of interesting points on capitalism itself but inspired a conversation on how political art represents the specific questions posed by subsets of the cultures the artist represents. How does Ai WeiWei for example speak to things about China’s culture in a way that could inform our political conversation with the country and its people. If we come to the conversation more informed about the history and the culture and the contemporary wants/needs of its people can we have a more constructive and educational conversation? I think we can and I am probably presumptious in thinking this but I think this attitude could change the world.

    1. IMA Staff
      IMA Staff on -

      Great attitude, thanks for sharing this with everyone! In what ways could Ai Weiwei’s messages inform the political and social discourse in America–whether in relation to our own culture or China’s?

  2. The one about jesus is because he sacrificed his self for all of our sins

  3. IMA Staff
    IMA Staff on -

    Interested in seeing Ai Weiwei’s latest creation? Check out his new music single and video posted on his website then come back and let us know your thoughts! (Warning: Explicit lyrics and some nudity)

  4. Destiny B on -

    yes art work can change the veiw of the world. Like Ai weiwei shouldnt get beaten for just trying to incorperate his goverments bad house building that lead to the death of ton.

  5. Kathryn J. on -

    I believe that art has changed the way I view the world sometimes. I always thought that something were bad but when you see a painting for an example by a Native American about how their family was being shot down and killed and ripped apart it makes you look with accusing eyes towards those that had caused the pain or those that call for illegal immigrants when they themselves are.

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