Do you believe that there will be democracy in China?

Do you believe that there will be democracy in China?

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  1. Bryant Whitfield on -

    Nothing lasts forever. At some point, all the government’s chickens will come to roost. The Chinese people will eventually fail to see the sense of PRC’s autocratic regime.

  2. IMA Staff
    IMA Staff on -

    Fascinating June 17 cover of Time Magazine designed by Ai Weiwei: “The World According to China.” Check it out at and let us know what you think about the message or the design (especially the recurring China map motif)!

  3. Gabe M. on -

    Either China will stay corrupt, or slowly shange into a bettter country. The biggest way that China would change is by having people like Ai Weiwei in the country, Trying to show everyone what China is really like. This will help becasue the more people that see the things China is doing the more poeple will believe in it, which will cause their government to slowly stop what they are doing, bcaause they can not stay corrupt with everyone watching.

  4. Bethany M on -

    Over time places advance and change, the political society of China may change as well.

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