Do you believe that there will be democracy in China?

Do you believe that there will be democracy in China?

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  1. Mike G on -

    I am personally interested in if Ai Weiwei has a specific catalyst in mind for this inevitable transition to democracy. As it stands right now (from a limited American viewpoint), it seems the Communist party has little reason to allow for this change to occur.

  2. YUEYAN on -

    I don’t know how but there is a hope. Also in now situation we should more concerned about if children have enough food to eat than Democracy.

  3. I think it will be very difficult and will take a long time, but changes will be implemented and I think that eventually, whether that be 50 years or 100, that China will achieve some sort of democracy.

  4. Yes I belive that there will be democracy but it will take a long time. I wander what the notion of democracy will be 50 years from now. 200 years ago an oligarchy of aristocrats was considered a democracy.

  5. William Clancy on -

    I believe there is a possibility of democracy in China but only when egos and ulterior motives are abandoned.

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