Do you believe that there will be democracy in China?

Do you believe that there will be democracy in China?

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  1. Savannah L on -

    I think over time China will give into their problems and will soon give freedom back to the citizens of China. But do I think it’s going to change anytime soon–no. But I still think that China will give in.

  2. Steven P on -

    Considering past events involving nations turning toward democracy, I think that China will eventually become Democratic but it will take much more than just art and some activists.

  3. kalie e on -

    not only will the people need to change but they are ready and they know that they need it but its the goverment that will have to change the most.

  4. Erica W on -

    Just like what Ai Weiwei said, China is Not doing so well. So I think to prosper they will adapt to the democracy way of life.

  5. destiny B on -

    yes they will need a way to grow and survive. china will need to let go of some of its wrong ways or ideas if it wants to survive.

  6. Jordan L on -

    The reason I think this is because I think that the government will get fed up with people disobeying the government rule.

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