Do you consider yourself to be primarily an activist or an artist?

Do you think that Ai Weiwei is primarily an activist or an artist?

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  1. Debbie on -

    For me he is an activist who expresses himself through visual arts. Other activists have expressed themselves through other art forms–music, poetry, dance,authorship… I express my advocacy through passionate teaching.

  2. Anonymous on -

    He is an artist. Physical and emotional stife and turmoil are not conducive to art, especially when you know there is injustice. You feel it just as you feel your art. However I believe Ai has used his art to help express those emotions and stir emotions in others. His art and actions may be an aid to change. I hope so.

  3. Heather N. on -

    I see Ai Weiwei as more of an activist whose only viable outlet for lasting expression is art. He has already been a target of much censorship, but by creating sculptures and other artworks rather than using media such as writing with more overt messages, it is at least more difficult for the Chinese government to claim that the works are direct attacks and call for their destruction. Ai Weiwei surely realizes this and knows that the only way to get his messages out is through artworks which are subtle and require interpretation to find meaning.

  4. YUEYAN on -

    Because I think there is no distinguish boundary between artist and activist when you put them in art. Political is something everybody would talk about. So it’s hard to avoid to have connection with this. And to my definition of art, that is another way for people to sound their voice. I think there is no definite difference between these two, there is an connection between them.

  5. Karen on -

    Why can’t art be seen as a means of being an activist. His art is carefully thought out and the meanings cause others to think about themselves, the world, society. This is a huge part of activism to me.

  6. Amber Stephenson on -

    I feel like his work provides exposure into a level of every-day life in China that many people would never get to see or realize otherwise. Because of this, I feel like Ai Weiwei is much more of an activist.

    1. Through his art, he can bring about change in China and provide exposure to life in other parts of the world. I would call him more of an artist than an activist.

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