Do you consider yourself to be primarily an activist or an artist?

Do you think that Ai Weiwei is primarily an activist or an artist?

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  1. Alisia S on -

    I am a artist, I try to express myself in my art work. That is an important thing to do.

  2. Destiny B on -

    i think Ai Weiwei is both an activist and an artist, it makes him who he is and it makes his artwork great. But i feel he’s a little more activist because he’s always communicating things from communities.

  3. I would certainly accuse him of being both an artist and an activist. There’s no doubt whatsoever that he stands up to the government regardless of the threat of his life but he creates artwork that captures the public’s attention. Art doesn’t have to be crafted, it just needs to get recognized.

  4. Jared V and Jeremiah M on -

    Ai WeiWei thinks of himself as both, just like he stated in the video. But he also does projects in living society and in,not so called society.

  5. Bethany M on -

    I believe that Ai Weiwei is both an artist and an activist, because not only is he an activist, but he is also inspired to create unique pieces of art.

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