Do you consider yourself to be primarily an activist or an artist?

Do you think that Ai Weiwei is primarily an activist or an artist?

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  1. Pete Wiseman on -

    Ai’s art may be controversial or political in nature, but he is simply an artist expressing himself. The fact that his work has soliticited strong reaction speaks to the power of ART.

    1. IMA Staff
      IMA Staff on -

      Great point. It’s fascinating to watch how one individual’s work can speak so loudly. Then on a broader scale, how artists, and their work, can be so powerful collectively.

  2. Keaton on -

    He is both because art is what ever you make out of it, there are no boundries to art, like there are no boundries to the human mind. He is also an activist because an activist is anyone who will stand up and say “No I don’t think that is right”. As long as you’re willing to fight for what you believe is right, you are and activist. That is why he is both

  3. Kathryn J. on -

    I think that Ai Weiwei is primarily an activist. I believe this because although he is using art and is making powerful statements with his art. It still goes back in the end that his works have the words thrown at the government he is throwing it in their faces. The way he does this is so sneaky and ready with a different reason for his art work the government keeps getting thrown. I believe the public and everything he does is a small insurance for him.

    1. IMA Staff
      IMA Staff on -

      It’s so interesting that you point out the idea of Ai Weiwei’s use of words in his artwork – What do you and others think about how he weaves in text and words into his artworks? Does this help or hurt his messages in any way?

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