Do you think you can provoke change in China through your activism and art?

Do you think art has the power to facilitate political change?

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  1. Bethany M on -

    YES. Art makes a difference in people, it can move you and make you feel things, it can also encourage people.

  2. YUEYAN on -

    By represent their ideas, their view point of the world from the art works. You know there are always something that language can’t achieve.

  3. Edward on -

    Yes, especially if it gets the attention of the “powers that be.” Even more importantly, it can motivate others to take action, or simply pay attention.

  4. Zack Redding on -

    Creating a piece of art is one of the purest forms of self-expression. If you have strong political or social views, those tend to come out in your art.

  5. Martin on -

    Historically artists have played a key role in both supporting as well as going againts regimes. It’s a double-edge sword.

  6. C. J. Smith on -

    Throughout history, art has been used to bring awareness and facilitate change. A good example that comes to mind is ancient Roman propaganda.

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