Do you think you can provoke change in China through your activism and art?

Do you think art has the power to facilitate political change?

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  1. Lillian K on -

    Art has the power to facilitate political change. However art is not enough to make a major difference. Ai Weiwei has started some form of political change that will hopefully be helped by other people.

  2. Alisia S. on -

    No, I don’t think that the government really cares about art at all because if they did then they would change but there obviously not changing for the better. I personally think art is a beautiful, however I think its a whole differen’t topic and the government doesn’t care.

  3. Steven P on -

    Art has more potential to create political change in a government where people are in control than a communist ruled country. I think that art could be a very powerful force in a communist country but I am not sure that the government would change itself because of some artwork.

  4. Tristan L. on -

    It cant because anyone involved with politics doesnt care for art.

  5. Valory M. on -

    I believe if the people of a nation work together to create art they become more unified. I hope China’s leaders stop their controlling ways. To some degree I don’t believe little forms of artwork will change an entire country, but I do believe it has a part in the change as a whole.

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