In what way do you think social media and the Internet have transformed your life and your world? Are there aspects of social media that trouble you?

Do you use social media?

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What do you think are the positive and negative aspects of social media?


  1. Alexis Fitzgearld on -

    I think that social media is a great way for people to keep in touch and share their ideas/opinions with others. Social media has enabled me to sell things I’ve made and get inspiration for new projects. However, my younger sister has seen an extreme amount of bullying through social media. I think young people post things, not remembering that once it’s out there, you can’t take it back. All in all, social media is a positive avenue of communication… as long as everyone uses it wisely.

    1. IMA Staff
      IMA Staff on -

      Thank you for sharing. Other posters below (Dante, Buddy) also express the need to balance the advantages that technology/social media offer while staying cautious.

  2. Adam Reinhart on -

    There’s no doubt social media has changed a lot of things in our society, and this holds true with even the non-traditional sites like Facebook and Twitter. It does have its downsided and forces all of us to be more careful, but when we adapt, we can really take advantage of it. As a college journalist, I use it all the time because it gets myself a lot of attention.

  3. Edward on -

    I used to think social media tools like Twitter were just about vanity and self-indulgence. After seeing AWW’s photo in the elevator I think completely differently.

  4. I have to be honest I don’t like the obsession taht some people have to share everything that goes on in their life with other people.

  5. Dante Williams on -

    Social media is somewhat unsettling because it provides a wealth of information about yourself to the rest of the world. Some people use this information purely for entertainment while others take advantage of this exposure.

    1. Buddy Clay on -

      It’s certainly best to be cautious when publishing anything online. It’s there forever!

  6. Brandon F. on -

    Social media gives users a direct line to a world-wide audience. The importance of this is that it allows the public a way to see around many political or social diversions the media puts in our way to distract from larger issues.

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