In what way do you think social media and the Internet have transformed your life and your world? Are there aspects of social media that trouble you?

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What do you think are the positive and negative aspects of social media?


  1. Jordan L on -

    One positive aspect to being able to access social media, is that you are able to get your option out fast. But the negatives, are that EVERYONE can see it, and your thoughts are never private. Even though you think they are, there not.

  2. Erica W on -

    A positive aspect of social media is that it gives kids, teens, and adults a place to socialize and communicate with others of there age group. A negative aspect would be that you can get bullied, teased, harassed, and even stalked by poeple.

  3. kalie elder on -

    The positive of facebook, twitte rand instagram is that you can show other what you are up to and connect to friends and family that live in a different state or city.The negatives are that teens are constantly cyberbullying each other.

  4. Anonymous on -

    Positive are communication with family, friends, keep informed of WORLD events as well as local.

    Negative are hacking and stealing identities, focusing on self on social networks, not others, loss of interpersonal skills.

  5. Xiaoting H. on -

    Since I’m also a Chinese, I felt in a similar way. Internet is the place to get information and also to express our ideas, but the government controls the websites and the information we can access to.

  6. Kasey Gill on -

    A positive aspect of social media is always being able to keep up with your friends and family that you don’t normally see or talk to often and vice versa. A negative aspect is always being accountable for what you posted, pictures or words. It can always come back to haunt you and somebody is ALWAYS watching.

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