What does it mean to you to be an artist?

What does being an artist in today’s society mean to you?


  1. YUEYAN on -

    I think be an artist could be difficult or easy in both way.
    On one hand, every body is artist because we have our own thoughts that could effect other people, and we born with creativity, which to me is one of the most important thing to an artist.
    One an other hand, being a real artist, is different. He/she should be able to represent their ideas to other people and also try to have response from their audience. The presentation need to be accurate and effective. This is hard.

  2. Anonymous on -

    An artist is one who utilizes the past, present, and future to shape the world they live in. Many times, artists in today’s society are put in a preconceived box of expectation, limited by resources and consumer demands. I also see artists today as slaves to society. It is good to see that AWW defies cultural norms and expectations.

    1. IMA Staff
      IMA Staff on -

      Interesting comment. I’m curious what you and others think are “cultural norms and expectations” in today’s society?

      1. Anonymous on -

        For me, a crucial cultural norm is this idea of labeling, or “boxing”, the world we live in. For example, a generalized society would want an “artist” to be more expressive, creative, and be able to create something that had personal identity. In my opinion, these specific societal demands are very limiting and do not allow for growth as an artist and as a human being.

        This issue of “what is an artist” is also a two-sided coin. AWW’s work thrives on his culture’s binding and limiting of basic human rights. He, along with other activists, are gleaming beams of light for the people of China. If China’s issues on basic human rights were resolved and rectified, I feel that the importance of AWW’s work (over time) would diminish.

        These are just my current thoughts. Over time I hope to gain a better understanding of China’s social stance and how their people are affected by it.

  3. Eun Jung Kim on -

    In my view, artists are pioneers in some ways. They should have to show something never seen before such as something creative or innovative, but their art pieces should be something that can enlighten audience.

  4. Megan Elizabeth on -

    Not everyone is born with a creative mind, but through art I feel like creativity can be fostered.

    1. Morgan on -

      I disagree. Everyone is born creative, but today’s culture and society stifles it.

  5. Steve on -

    I think there are many positive aspects of being an artist in today’s society. I feel like it advances culture while providing insight into the day to day life of people from other parts of the world

    1. Some artists though live in their own world and feel very detatched from reality.

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