What does it mean to you to be an artist?

What does being an artist in today’s society mean to you?


  1. Natalie H. on -

    To be an artists in today’s society, one must be able to bring an emotion or feeling through their artowrk.

  2. Jared V and Jeremiah M on -

    I think that it means that you are one of the lucky people in this world that have good art skills.

  3. Kristina on -

    To create something out of what seems to be nothing and yet be interpreted as so much more.

  4. Anonymous on -

    Art records the history of a society. Today there are so many artists that finding your own unique style and place needs to be a very individual journey and discovery.

  5. I think it is important that he says he has “the privilege in dealing with your own feelings”. As an artist you must have an audience that your work can speak to so that your art can gain publicity and your cause along with it. What I wonder is how much an activist/artist today considers his audience when trying to create a piece of art and does he feel a need to balance that with his own beliefs to allow his art to be well received by a bigger crowd.

  6. Stephanie Sanchez on -

    In my opinion to be an artist one must be creative and have a wide imagination. Art work weather a painting, sculpture or a conceptual piece must have some distinctive outcome. Able to be express and affect viewer to think past the objective. Just as Ai Wei Wei explained artist philosophy is what drives an artist to create.

    In society, artist are no longer just creating for a private viewer. They are not making a stand with their ability to create art. I view artist in society as activist, making a change in the society environment.

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