What does it mean to you to be an artist?

What does being an artist in today’s society mean to you?


  1. Alisia Sevarns on -

    To be an artist you must have a lot of talent and you must know who you are and how you fee. As an artist you usualy some how express your feelings toward something in your art work. However being an artist isn’t always easy.

  2. Steven P on -

    To me, being an artist means expressing your thoughts to other people, whether your art is a metaphor or not.

  3. Erica W on -

    It means that you are confident in what you make. Also, you are not afraid of what other people are going to say abobut your work. Nevertheless, it truly depends on what type of artist you are.

  4. I believe that being an artist allows one to introduce a new product to the world that can either be viewed as useless or full of concept but the true answer lies only with one person, and that’s the artist.

  5. Tristan L. on -

    To be an artist in todays society, you have to show that its something you love to do and be confident in yourself.

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