What does it mean to you to be an artist?

What does being an artist in today’s society mean to you?


  1. IMA Staff
    IMA Staff on -

    Interested in seeing Ai Weiwei’s latest creation? Check out his new music single and video posted on his website then come back and let us know your thoughts! (Warning: Explicit lyrics and some nudity) http://aiweiwei.com/

  2. Valory M. on -

    I believe that being an artist means that you create new ideas or make things from inner expression. In today’s society being an artist can be anyone from an architect designer to a painter. Someone that works with their hands to make something that is used for something beyond common uses is an artist.

  3. Savannah L on -

    Being an artist, is having the chance to make what you feel inside. Making anything in the past or future could be apart of any artwork. Its just having the courage to go forth with it.

    1. IMA Staff
      IMA Staff on -

      This idea about melding the past and future into what an artist does today seems so central to what Ai Weiwei is trying to accomplish. I’m interested to hear what you and others think about the “courage” aspect – where does this come from, how can we harness it into something creative, whether you are an artist or not?

  4. destiny B on -

    being a artist means you have a voice that can be heard by the world if you choose to do so. it also says hey this is something i feel strongly about. your artwork makes people kind of have to notice you.

  5. Lillian K on -

    I find that artists today create artwork the reflects social and controversial issues. Artist today do more than make beautiful paintings, they also show what people are thinking and how they feel.Artists expressing their views through art.

  6. Jordan L on -

    To me, being an artist is just a simple way of exspressing my feelings and thought to the world.

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