What does the title According to What? mean to you?

Is there an artwork or artist that you are particularly inspired by? Who or which one?


  1. IMA Staff
    IMA Staff on -

    Fascinating June 17 cover of Time Magazine designed by Ai Weiwei, titled “The World According to China.” Check it out at http://www.time.com and let us know what you think about the message or the design (especially the recurring China map motif)!

  2. I’ve never been driven to be an artist due to an individual artwork, however the collection of animation that I’ve watched have definitely given a motivational push.

  3. Valory M. on -

    I believe that the title is referring to those that are consumed with how everyone sees them. The question is implying that a person should do what they need to do, rather than fallow the crowd.

  4. Anonymous on -

    Leonardo DaVinci was a artist, illustrator and more. I’m in health care and appreciate his research/illustrations. Van Gogh was often thought to be nuts, but his beautiful use of color doesn’t display depression, perhaps mania. Picasso was contemporary/modern, eccentric, but had a uniqueness all his own. I admire them all. They inspire me in different ways.

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