What inspires you to be an activist?

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What is one small thing you can do yourself in the name of justice?


  1. Steven on -

    Be a nice person to everyone I meet. If everyone did this, there would be no injustice.

  2. Savannah L on -

    A small thing that could help is having a voice, if you don’t speak then won’t thing you care for your rights. Together, everyone could have one voice.

  3. kalie e on -

    For crimes like robbery and murder, justice should be served but he is standing up for himself, his family and his people, where is the crime in that? They always say stand up to your bullys but when you do, you are the one that gets in trouble.

  4. Erica W on -

    One small thing is that you don’t take the easy way out, but the way the is right. You might have to break a law or two, but if that is what is right then that is what should be done.

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