Which of the artworks in the exhibition was the most challenging for you to create? Why?

What’s your favorite piece in the exhibition and why?


  1. Lillian K on -

    I like the piece that dealt with the issue of the children killed in the earthquake. It allowed people that were not that well informed about the earthquake (most of us) to see with our eye the number of children whose lives were taken from them and their families.

  2. Alisia S. on -

    I like the art piece that resembles the children that died in the earthquake, all the backpacks show how many children died in the earthquake. It is just a really sad thing to comprehend.

  3. Natalie H. on -

    My favorite pieces were the ones related to the earth quake because it shows the significane of the childrens lives. I love the back pack piece.

  4. Carlos Andre on -

    The sequence of photos where the artist is dropping the ancient piece of pottery. It is a very literal abandonment of the “old way” of doing things.

  5. My favorite piece would have to be the self portrait Ai Weiwei snapped while in the elevator with the police. It demonstrates his willingness to do whatever it takes in the name of activism, even endangering himself.

    1. Trisha Wallace on -

      He certainly uses his world-wide notoriety to protect himself. With so many people aware of his mission and activism, the authorities cannot do much in retaliation without the public knowing about it.

  6. Ryan Clark on -

    The bicycle piece out front is interesting because the piece itself seems light-hearted but when you learn about where the parts and materials came from, immediately the tone is changed. It’s not as cheerful as it appears to be.

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