Why do you remain in China?

If you were in Ai Weiwei’s shoes, would you have stayed in China?

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  1. kalie elder on -

    i would not leave cause why should let them win?let them get the better of me

  2. Savannah L on -

    If I was in Ai Weiwei shoes, I would do the same and stay in China. There must be reason why he stays, is to change the ways of China. Just provoking little bit of everywhere will start getting China’s attention. Start to make them thing that there’s one man filing a complaint.

  3. Destiny B on -

    i would have stayed in china because if he choose to leave his cause would have been forgotten and the goverment would continue getting away with building unsafe houses.i belevie that one day the goverment will have to apologize to Ai wei wei for the horrible actions to his art work.

  4. I would have stood in China to stand my grown and not give up on the individuals who are following and supporting me. There must be so many emotions going through the mind of a leader like him.

  5. Bethany M on -

    NO. If I was Ai Weiwei, I would leave China, and ask my family to come with me. The reason I think that is so it is safer for Ai Weiwei to express his views about communism in some of the other countries.

  6. Natalie H. on -

    I believe it is making more of a difference and statement by staying in the same country as the problem instead of running away.

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