You lived overseas for a number of years. Did you find that your perception of China changed after you returned?

Has your perception of the United States changed recently, whether as the result of international travel or for other reasons?

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  1. Natasha on -

    Thanks for asking this question. I was curious to know the answer to that from Weiwei but I didn’t quite get what I had hoped to. I would like to know more about the art that he produced before his stint in the US. Were those works just as reactionary? I was so sure that his approach to art was fundamentally altered by his training and exposure in the West. I wonder if he would have been as radical if he never ventured beyond China.

    1. IMA Staff
      IMA Staff on -

      Thank you for the interesting comments–in addition to your ideas about his approach being altered by exposure in the West, perhaps there are other factors at play, such as the fluctuating Chinese political landscape and evolving values placed on Chinese art and history. Also, what constitutes “reactionary” or “radical” in art? These are intriguing issues, what do you and others think? Share your thoughts!

  2. IMA Staff
    IMA Staff on -

    Fascinating June 17 cover of Time Magazine designed by Ai Weiwei, titled “The World According to China.” Check it out at and let us know what you think about the message or the design (especially the recurring China map motif)!

  3. Gabe M. on -

    The economic budget has gone way up. Also the religions have been very diverse.

  4. Kathryn J. on -

    My perception of the United States changed recently,I used to think that our government was failing but now I see that it is dieing. Once I looked at other countries and how they are I realized that our government is not only failing but it is dieing and this thought scares me because being Native American I have heard first hand accounts about how that struggle was and how people got crushed.

  5. Jordan L on -

    Truthfully, the United States is no better then China. There are upsides to living in the USA. The upsides are that we can be free, and do what we please. But in China, you live under the rule where they control you and you have no say in it

  6. Jared V and Jeremiah M on -

    No, because we have never left the Country. If we did, we dont think it would because we are from the United States, which makes it our home.

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