You lived overseas for a number of years. Did you find that your perception of China changed after you returned?

Has your perception of the United States changed recently, whether as the result of international travel or for other reasons?

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  1. Bethany M on -

    When I was little I believed that the United States was perfect, but as I grew older, I realized that like every other country, the U.S.A has it’s flaws also, but I still believe that this is a great country.

  2. Natalie H. on -

    By experiencing other countries it really shows how much we have. Whether it be freedom of speech and religion, different political parties, or even the view of our morals and opinions.

  3. Anonymous on -

    Other countries just have a unique vibe to them. I’ve been to 5 other countries outside of the U.S. and I see the United States as kind of a place that thinks its the best when it is not. It thinks it is all encompassing but it really isn’t. It think it appreciates diversity but in many places you don’t see that to be true. I definitely think other cultures have a better appreciation for their culture and that they are not paying attention to us.

    1. IMA Staff
      IMA Staff on -

      You point out some interesting contradictions in your observations of the U.S. Perhaps it’s difficult to discuss American culture because it’s not easily definable. It would be great to hear how you and others define “American culture”?

  4. Anonymous on -

    I have been fortunate enough to travel to five third world countries. I wish every 16 year old could spend 3 months in one as part of their education. I think it would be cool to send prisoners to a third world country to serve on work details. We have so much in USA and sadly many of us want more.

  5. Krissy on -

    I think the use of technology has caused intrusion in our lives. Social media is a powerful thing, it may lead to democracy in China by uniting the citizens. Yet, something so powerful can be held against us.

  6. Henry on -

    I feel like Americans have a certain level of pride, which is good, but we need to try to stay aware of the happenings of other cultures.

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