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Ann & Me

Most Saturday mornings, my husband and I wake up and trek over to Starbucks on Mass Ave for our weekend treat- For me, it’s a tall extra foamy misto. For him, a grande coffee. We make our java at home the rest of the week.

This Saturday, I was looking forward to meeting Ann. I had heard about her, in the papers and on the blogs. As I approached the intersection of Mass Ave, Vermont and Alabama Streets, her glowing body beckoned me closer (think A Christmas Story and “major award”). Sensual sways hypnotized. I was fascinated by her, really.

“Ann Dancing,” by internationally celebrated artist Julian Opie, was installed in January as part of the Indianapolis Cultural Trail. Unfortunately, I missed last year’s “Julian Opie: Signs” invasion of Downtown (though our DC friends were enthralled by the Opie walk sign when visiting). You may have seen one of the 11 works of art in this series at the IMA, installed in the Efroymson Family Entrance Pavilion, called Pacing.

Julian Opie (b. 1958, British). Pacing, 2006. Vinyl, 90 figurative drawings, Approximately 104 ¾ x 39 inches each.

According to the Arts Council of Indianapolis, Ann’s LED (Light Emitting Display) concept is not new, but her clothes and dance are unique to our city. The Cultural Trail’s press release quotes Opie as saying,

“I am really happy that ‘Ann Dancing’ will be in Indianapolis and become part of the street fabric. As I sit in my studio in London, I think of her endlessly dancing for the passing traffic.”

As I sat in Starbucks and watched Ann, all four of her, dancing on the corner, I felt empathy for her. Was she lonely? Maybe bored? Living on a bike and pedestrian trail, she certainly emits an eduring energy, but maybe she would like a pair of rollerblades? A bike or a ball? How about some friends to jog with?

Perhaps this summer, she’ll come across a crowd in the mood to dance…

(Check out this public art locator for more.)

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