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Breaking the Mode is in the can…sort of.

Even though it hasn’t even opened yet, I feel like Breaking the Mode is already over! For me, it is almost a wrap, but for most it is just beginning. I spent the last couple of months working with a team of IMA staff representing education, curatorial, marketing and web design perspectives to create the web site for this exhibition. Now it is up-and-running and the show will be coming soon. Often this is the case. We spend tons of time developing material whether it is audio, video or web content and usually it wraps up just as the show is opening, so it is a weird feeling for us to be moving on to the next project as everyone else is just getting excited.


But please don’t misunderstand…it is not that we aren’t excited. We are. We just have to get excited months before most people outside the museum know a show is coming. We start planning projects like the BTM site really far out so that we can be ready with cool stuff to keep you engaged as the buzz for a show starts building. For BTM we wanted to be innovative in how we presented info, give you some streaming video and create a unique feature for Project IMA, a special fashion event.

New Media still has a few BTM projects to finish. There will be a video trailer coming soon and we are working on video loops that will run in the galleries. But by the time the show opens we will be on to other things, like a documentary about Maya Lin’s work, the new series, In the Factory (look for this in March) and some other super secret stuff we can’t yet mention.

In terms of web projects, we learned some very valuable lessons in this development process that will inform what you will see in future projects. Look for us to keep innovating our presentation of video and we will strive to make every web project engaging and interactive. So take a look at BTM and tell us what you think. We’ll keep it in mind as we continue working on the To Live Forever web site (the show that opens in July)!

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