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…in Las Vegas

I’m in Las Vegas attending a “Social Media for Communicators” conference with my attorney (aka my colleague Katie Zarich who is in law school).

Here’s a recap of Day 1.
Opening Keynote Address:

“We had all the momentum; we’re riding the crest of a high and beautiful wave.” Raoul Duke from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Tyler Green move over. I’ve got a new crush…David Pogue! WOW. He was the keynote address this morning and despite major technical problems, he was a brilliant speaker. He also was a tremendous entertainer. See video below for his impromptu performance. It was the perfect introduction to the conference. I’ve entitled it David Pogue Does Vegas!

Morning Sessions:

“There was a fantastic universal sense that whatever we were doing was right,
that we were winning.” Raoul Duke

WOW! The IMA is ahead of the curve. I’m typing this as I’m attending a session called “practical uses of podcasts and blogs for nonprofits.” Yep, that’s right, I’m blogging for a nonprofit while learning how to blog for a nonprofit. Kinda bizarre. Moreover, it’s an indication that the information is a bit too basic for me. The majority of the folks currently in this room are where the IMA was a year ago. They are new to the world of digital media and Web 2.0, and they are eager to hone their talents.We’re way beyond the basics at this point in time.

Here’s the good and bad of it…These are my peers and colleagues from around the nation and from every industry, and it’s astounding to think that the Indianapolis Museum of Art is one of the leaders at this conference. It’s affirming to know how advanced we are, but it’s also scary to know we’re on our own here. I feel like David Bowie’s Major Tom floating about in space.


“We’re right in the vortex!” Raoul Duke

With over 600 people in the room for lunch, my attorney and I were lucky enough to sit right next to Mark Ragan, the CEO of Ragan Communications (our conference’s organizer). After some small talk over our chicken Parmesan, Katie and I had the opportunity to share with Mark how the Indianapolis Museum of Art was leveraging social media. Impressed by our amount of engagement in digital technology and our innovative use of video, Mark asked if I would do a video interview after lunch. Never camera shy, I obliged. The results should be posted to their Web site in the near future.

Back at the Room:

“But there was no going back, and no time to rest. We were going to have to ride it out.” Raoul Duke

I’m exhausted. I’ve been in sessions all day. It’s been a great conference so far, but I’m ready to go out and have fun in Vegas. Tomorrow we have a full morning of sessions before lunch and then an entire afternoon to spend shopping before heading back to Indy on the red eye.

The conference is at the Wynn Hotel and frankly, I don’t want to leave. This place is AMAZING! For some reason, we got upgraded to a suite and it’s by far the best hotel room I’ve ever stayed in. Below is the view from room 3602. Wish you were here!



If you can’t tell, I’m a big fan of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. I’m currently rereading it. Hence all the references to attorneys and the use of Raoul Duke quotes. The book is a great read while staying in Vegas. It’s the kind of wacky reading that will mess with your head.

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    Jo Says:

    Who needs Wayne Newton when you’ve got David Pogue in Las Vegas?

    This was a fun blog – thanks for sharing a bit of Vegas, Meg, in your Vegas-style blog. And is that an iphone photo you took?

    Good to hear the IMA is ahead of the curve, though that’s pretty clear when visiting the IMA website with all its great new interactive features.

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