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The Nugget Factory

A big old NuggetI must say it’s a little odd writing about this in a blog post, but it seems like the right moment to do so. We do take our work very seriously at the IMA and I would like to think our work on this blog, iTunes U, YouTube and other areas shows this. But…let’s get on with it.

It’s been mentioned in past blog posts. It’s been described in IMA press releases. It’s used regularly by staff. It’s listed on the IMA internal phone list. It’s a space. It’s a way of thinking. It’s The Nugget Factory.

Simply put, The Nugget Factory is IMA’s New Media department – a team of four. The longer story is this – it’s the creative approach to creating digital content. It’s the process of finding the perfect ‘nugget’ in revealing a story. It’s this process that gave birth to the Nugget Factory. It may sound ridiculous (actually it does) but it’s this approach to developing audio, video or web content that drives our department and many of our colleagues cross-departmentally. It’s a creative and fun approach – but don’t get me wrong, we take our nuggets and work very seriously.

Two of the four Nugget Factory members blog regularly (Despi and I), but what about the other two – Dan Dark and Danny Beyer? In true Nugget Factory style, we decided to sit down and create a short audio interview about their roles in the Nugget Factory and much, much more (don’t worry, we’ll get Despi in an audio interview soon).

Take a listen below.

Just missing the best Nugget Factory member, Despi


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