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Feeling Haute, Haute, Haute

I’m tired of cold weather. It’s been unseasonably cold in Indianapolis. Spring officially began 13 days ago, but I’m pretty sure Mother Nature didn’t get the message. It’s freezing outside. Literally! I scraped ice off of my windshield this morning. Brrrr.

Well, winter weather be damned. Here’s a day-by-day plan to heat up your weekend, despite the frigid temps.

On Thursday, Enjoy a Cocktail – Nothing says warm weather like a fruity drink. After work today, start your weekend early by grabbing a cocktail at Puck’s Happy Hour. As you sip your Orange Crush or Pomegranate Martini, close your eyes and imagine strolling along a beach or lounging by the pool. Once you have finished your drink and awakened from your daydream, stay warm by strolling through the galleries or enjoying a talk about the “Art of the Parade” with Alison Heimstead. (Learn more about Alison Heimstead, by clicking here.)

On Friday, Strut your Stuff
–Don’t miss the “haute”est show in town. Friday night, the IMA heats things up with Project IMA – a runway show featuring the outrageous / beautiful / irreverent / glamorous designs of 16 fashion designers from the Indianapolis area (pictured below). The event is free and starts at 7:00 pm. Between the fashion and the music of DJ Stefan, it’s going to be one sizzling Friday night. (Learn more about Project IMA, by clicking here.)

Project IMA

On Saturday, Explore the Great Indoors – You don’t have to be outside to enjoy nature. Despite the lingering winter outside, our galleries are filled with scenes of spring. Need a little sunshine? Try a sunny, bucolic landscape in our American and European galleries. Yet to see a bloom in your garden? The Asian galleries are filled with colorful blossoms. (Explore the IMA’s Great Indoors from home, by clicking here.)

On Sunday, Step Back in Time – Visit Oldfields-Lilly House and Gardens on Sunday. As you stroll through the sunlit home, imagine the Lillys gathered on a warm summer’s day almost a century ago. Can you see the family dressed head-to-toe in white playing a game of croquet on the front allée of the mansion? Drift back to present day by wandering over to the warm haven of the greenhouse. Breathe in the fragrant air sweetened by an abundance of blooming flowers. (Learn more about Oldfields – Lilly House and Gardens by clicking here.)

So there you go, 4 days and 4 ways to celebrate spring regardless of the weather. If Mother Nature can’t provide, then the IMA will. Hmmm…That sounds like a pretty good t-shirt slogan, if you ask me.

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