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4 Things I Know I Know

An homage to Tyler Green’s 5 Things I Think I Think.

On Procession

Parades Are Really Hard Work
On Procession is just 2 weeks away. This seems almost incomprehensibly imminent. After nearly 2 years of hard work, the IMA is ready to take art into the streets of Indianapolis for an exhibition on parade. From porta-potties to posters, participants to police the logistics of organizing a parade have been challenging and at times, overwhelming. And the real kicker is that the parade’s success is dependant as much on Mother Nature as it is on the last few months of hard work. Rain or shine, hell or high water we’re having this event. I’m certain that on April 26 we’re going to see the streets of Fountain Square flooded with people and not rain!

People Love SwagThe T-shirt contest is a real hit. In fact, it’s such a big success that we’re considering producing more IMA blog-related items. If you have thoughts as to what kind of additional swag you’d like to receive from the IMA, please comment on this entry. We’re open to any and all ideas – the cleverer the better. Oh and by the way, does anyone know where we can purchase a t-shirt gun?

Project IMA = Huge Crowd – Last Friday night we had almost 2,000 people attend Project IMA. It was exciting to see so many people at the museum in support of fashion art and local designers. Filled to the brim with the hippest folks in the city, the IMA was FIERCE (to borrow a word from the most recent Project Runway winner, Christian Siriano). In fact, the event was so well attended that we reached max capacity for the show almost 30 minutes before it actually began.

I Bummed I’m Missing MW2008 – I’m looking forward to a full report from my colleagues who are attending MW2008 this year in Montreal. Social Media, User-Generated Content, New Media Art AND CANADA…seriously, I’m a geek for this stuff. If you find yourself in Montreal near the Hilton Montreal Bonaventure, you should stop by. On Friday, the Nugget Factory’s very own Dan Dark will be part of a large group conducting a mini-workshop about YouTube.

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4 Responses to “4 Things I Know I Know”

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    Amber Says:

    I have fantastic weather karma. See you on the 26th on the streets and back here for the After Party.

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    J-Rod Says:

    I’ve seen T-shirt guns at Indianapolis Colts and Indians games. Maybe our good friends to the south can help us.

  • avatar
    Lindsey Says:

    Perhaps a less harmful answer to the t-shirt gun?

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    Richard Says:

    I’m curious as to the perceived “final destination” of these t-shirts-turned-projectiles.

    In my mind either one of those suggestions could do significant bodily harm, or wreak havoc in a gallery.

    Clearly this would be an outside activity.

    Maybe a kind of contest to see who could devise the means to launch something over some building …. I don’t know which building, but some building. Did I say the IMA? No, I didn’t.

    For what it’s worth, I’d like to admit to an interest in trebuchets, but I think that’s taking this post in a different direction; because I’m aware that a well-articulated trebuchet could have the capacity to launch items of significant weight.

    I don’t think anyone will be surprised that this website exists:

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