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Mother Nature Loves the Parade

I’ve been obsessed with the forecast this week. Almost every hour from sunrise to sunup, I’ve visited to assess the temperature and rain chance for Saturday. On Monday and Tuesday the forecast called for rain. Yesterday thing improved significantly when the chance for rain dropped from 40% to 20%. Today, all weather stations are calling for mid-60 degree temps with no rain in the afternoon. PHEW! Mother Nature apparently is a fan of the parade. And why wouldn’t she be? Music, art, families, and projects with such fun and fantastic names as: “A Bag of Bees,” “Cinderella in the City,” and “Revenge of the Pinatas,” there’s something for everyone this Saturday.

Parade Forecast from

So here are my final thoughts for all my loyal parade-lovin’ readers:

Fritz Haeg at the Interchange Overpass

You’re gonna love Fritz Haeg! – On Tuesday, I had the opportunity to see Fritz’s lecture at the Herron School of Art and Design. For over 90 minutes, Haeg shared his diverse and intriguing body of work with the audience. From gardens–called edible estates–to interpretive dance, Haeg was incredibly generous in his sincere descriptions of his processes and motivations. As the choreographer of the parade and creator of the East Meets West Interchange Overpass Parade, Haeg is one of the featured parade projects this Saturday. After spending time with him over the last few days there’s one thing I’m sure of: You’re gonna love Fritz ! It’s hard not to. Visit his Web site and read about his work. Then, come to the parade and see his art in action. You’ll become a huge fan, I promise!

Bring a Camera – Cars disguised as spaceships…Electric powered motorcycles…A giant mousetrap! There’s gonna be a lot of incredible things you’ll want to tell friends about and without pictures, they might not believe you.

Have a Flickr account? Upload your images to the IMA’s “Art Parades” group. Here’s how:

1. While signed in to your account, join the “Art Parades” group, here.
2. Upload or click on the photo you’d like to submit from “Your Photos”.
3. Above the photo, choose “send to group” and select the “Art Parades” option that will be listed.


Hop on the Bus – After the parade, the IMA is hosting a party from 3:00 -7:00 pm on the front lawn of the museum. Preview the gallery portion of the exhibition, see some of the parade floats up close, sing a little karaoke and enjoy the spring day. Don’t worry about driving…shuttles will run back and forth from Fountain Square to the IMA immediately following the parade until 8:00 pm.

As a special parade-day bonus, the IMA’s special exhibition, Breaking the Mode, will be 50% off to all visitors!

As LeVar Burton says on one of my favorite childhood tv shows Reading Rainbow: “But don’t just take my word for it.”

Here’s what other folks are saying about the parade:

Fox 59
On Procession at Big Car Gallery in Fountain Square


IMA loves a parade

Fountain Square Procession is part of IMA exhibit

Sara Pugh and Sarah Zuckerman create papier-mache ….

On The Cusp
Read the blog post about what may “perhaps be the greatest art battle to sweep the Midwest in recent years.”

Big Car Gallery
Read their blog post about it.
See a video on YouTube.
See images on Flickr.

Okay, that’s all from parade central. We’ll see you Saturday at Noon in Fountain Square! I cannot wait!

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3 Responses to “Mother Nature Loves the Parade”

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    Katie Says:

    Great post Meg. Here’s some more ink about the parade:

    I’m **so** looking forward to the parade.

  • avatar
    Richard Says:

    I don’t pay attention to the weather, but I do check things out on the internet sometimes.

    Here’s a link to two more projects in the parade:

    Arthole’s Blog (pics of them making robot heads, etc):

    The Oatmeal Eaters have some pictures of themselves apparently eating and making dresses and getting ready to write poetry (Pegasus looks pretty cool):

    Plus, as a sneak peak, if you come to the IMA this afternoon sometime after Pam you can see us blowing up Mr. TTT. Who is Mr. TTT? Well, I’ll say that he’s made by Friends With You, and he’s 30 feet long, colorful, and hopefully rather friendly. But we’ll see.

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    Tammi Says:

    What a parade that was to witness! I hope that IMA will consider making this an annual event as I can see the word getting out into the community and this thing growing by leaps and bounds year after year. I must admit, I was totally skeptical about the whole concept of a parade across Virginia Avenue in Fountain Square but it turned out to be a lot of fun. Thanks IMA for the fantastic ride!

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