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Miss Intern 2008

Hi! My name is Emily, I’m a new intern around here. Since there are lots of new interns running around- I can be identified as the very tall one.

I got my bachelors from Pratt in Fashion Design, but I always knew I wanted to be more involved with the arts community as a whole and I’ve never had the cut throat mentality to be successful in that world. So, I moved back from Brooklyn (I miss it and yet, and I REALLY don’t!) I just started in the Graduate Museum Studies program at IUPUI and I have never been happier. I miss public transportation, but I love seeing real trees. So, course requirements led to my seeking out this internship. I went about getting it in a somewhat unorthodox way… and it goes to show what you can get just for asking.

I had a class with Dr. Modupe Labode called Museum Methods, and we came to the IMA to meet with Despi and Daniel and learn about all of the innovative and cool work they are doing in the IMA’s New Media Department. I was really impressed with their creativity. I think what they are doing here is sort of leading the way in something that will be commonplace in every museum and gallery in less than 10 years. So, I emailed Despi and asked if I could meet with her and possibly talk about an internship. I think they were shocked I was more than willing to work for free, but this is such an exploding area of museum work, I feel like my experience will be invaluable.

So, we worked out a schedule, Despi did some paperwork, and I started last week for the New Media Nuggets. I’m enjoying getting to know everyone, this place is pretty relaxed and you immediately get the sense that people enjoy being here. The Dans even took me with them to lunch today, with Zach, another intern who started today. He will be working more on the technical, production side of things with the Dans. I am going to be working on a mélange of projects that Despi conceives for me, including working on website content for upcoming shows, and some fun new developments for the blog. You will see more of that unfolding soon and I would appreciate lots of feedback so that we can know what you are thinking- so click on that little comment button!

In closing, just in case you’re wondering, I don’t mind if you call me Demily. As long as we all agree Zach is Daiquiri.

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    Peter Says:

    Hi Emily,

    Remember me? You contacted me about Museum Studies at NYU. Glad you’re interning at the IMA. It’s a great place. I was checking out the website, saw your post and had to reply. I’m looking forward to visiting the museum again when I visit home!


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    Hi Emily,

    I was an intern at the IMA from IUPUI a few years ago. I had so much fun and learned a lot. The IMA is such a terrific place. Good luck and have fun!

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