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Taking concepts from philanthropy and social activism, entrepreneurship, the Underground Railroad and the music of Naptown, to The Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Nascar, going green, public art, gas prices and a hypothetical mass transit system, artist Chakaia Booker has ignited conversation pieces on Indianapolis’s sidewalks. By cutting, twisting and weaving together rubber tires, Booker has fashioned a temporary urban art exhibition specifically for Indy, removing the road block between the city’s past and present. Read the rest of this entry »

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Photo of the Week – Nuggets in Singapore

As a riveting segment this summer, the IMA Blog will be featuring a Tuesday Photo of the Week, highlighting juicy tidbits of info including works of art, artists, news, events, or locations.

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Surviving 25 hours of travel

I’m currently in Singapore jet lagged and exhausted.  On Wednesday, Despi and I will be presenting at the International Symposium of Electronic Art – ISEA 2008 where we will discuss Nature Holds My Camera: The Video Art of Sam Easterson.  If anyone recalls, this is an exhibition we organized last summer and it turned out really well.  If you attended, I would love to hear your thoughts.

It took 3 flights, about 19 hours of flying time and 6 hours of airport mulling to make it here.  How does someone that works in new media stay occupied, engaged and sane on a trip like this?  The glamour of economy class, cheap wine and tasteless food can only go so far.  I’m talking about other options – but with a new media twist.  So here goes –

Think about the next big thing.  Think about nothing.  Or, think about Flickr.  I always opt for the window seat.  It allows uninterrupted moments of thought and a great view.  I love clouds and the landscape below, so in between naps, reading or thinking of the next IMA project, I take photos, lots of them.  With that in mind, check out one of my favorite flickr groups, From the Airplane Window.  You might even see some of my snaps and you’ll think about flying differently the next time you take a flight.  And speaking of flickr, have you checked out IMA’s latest set of images?  You should, because they’re kind of cool.

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The IMA Blog: of the people or for the people?

Recently we have been passionately debating topics related to content on the IMA Blog. Internally the blog team (and others around the museum) have asked a lot of questions that we all struggle to confidently answer. Who are the primary audiences? Is one audience more present than another? Are IMA staff one of the audiences? Do people want to sift content into one category that they actually read, or do IMA Blog readers enjoy the collective mentality the blog has taken on?

Instead of continuing with our speculation, I thought it might be cool to ask you, our readers, what you think. So tell us, what is most compelling about our blog, and what is lacking?

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Conservation at the Brooklyn Museum: An Interview with Tina March

As you know all of the works in the To Live Forever show are from the Brooklyn Museum. What you may not know is that there was a lot of conservation work that went into putting together this exhibition. So, to find out more about what the BM conservators (and others) did to prepare these objects to travel to the IMA, I asked the three IMA objects conservation summer interns (Kendra Dacey, Andrea Mason, and Courtney Von Stein) to help me come up with some questions for Tina March, BM assistant conservator of objects. I really enjoyed reading Tina’s personal responses and think they help explain how museum exhibitions require a collaborative effort.

BM conservator Lisa Bruno and registrar Deana Setzke were here for nearly 2 weeks to oversee the installation all of the artworks into the exhibition cases. As a way to remember all of the hard work that went into the installation of this show, IMA registration department staffer Jesse Speight made a card that I think wonderfully demonstrates all of the things that went into putting this show up.

The Later Canon, 2008, 8 7/8” x 11-3/4″, RoseArt Washable Markers, BiC ‘Wite-Out’ Correction Pen, Pencil,
Sharpie Permanent Marker (black) on File Folder

How long did it take you to prepare all of the artworks for the To Live Forever Exhibition?

We started to work on the first object, Coffin of the Lady of the House Weretwahset (37.47a-b), in the Fall of 2006, and were finishing up treatment on the very last object a week before it all left the building! While we have been working on these objects for a little over a year and a half, we have been working on many other projects as well. This includes exhibitions at the Brooklyn Museum as well as preparing BM objects for loans to other museums.

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Recent Flickrs

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