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Photo of the Week – IMA Conservation on Flickr

As a riveting segment this summer, the IMA Blog will be featuring a Tuesday Photo of the Week, highlighting juicy tidbits of info including works of art, artists, news, events, or locations.

Remember how we said we were going to beef up content on Flickr? Well, it has begun with this set of images documenting the anoxic treatment of a work of art by Thornton Dial.

What is anoxic treatment? Well you either know or you don’t…so if you know, aren’t you dying to see how IMA conservators did it? If you don’t know…aren’t you dying to? Don’t miss out on this chance to expand your vocabulary and knowledge of art conservation.

You will see more conservation on Flickr as the year goes along. The photo-sharing site has proven to be a very useful tool to feature this kind of content. We hope that it is useful in sharing some behind-the-scenes insight for our visitors (and blog readers), but we also hope that those of you who are conservators from other places will find this to be a useful forum for discussion.

And if you visit Flickr you will also find:

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2 Responses to “Photo of the Week – IMA Conservation on Flickr”

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    interested Says:

    Tremendous photos-I would be very interested in a post about one of the best sessions you attended at the International Symposium on Electric Art. Looks like next year it will be in Northern Ireland- wow!

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    Despi Says:

    Will do! I will get to work on a post with some conference content.

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