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Artful Stay

Dedicated readers of our blog may recall that I’ve written about the popularity of art hotels around the world and the start of something similar in Indianapolis. On a recent trip to Washington, D.C., I picked the Palomar, a boutique Kimpton Hotel, for my stay for just this reason.

The Kimpton Hotel brand seeks to give each of its hotels a unique personality and story for visitors to enjoy. Hotel Palomar in particular focuses on “Art in Motion” by providing rooms with sleek sophisticated, artsy design, kids’ art supplies and games to awaken creativity and nightly wine receptions at which artists often speak arranged through a partnership with the Smithsonian and Phillips Collection. In fact, the hotel staff has been trained by the Washington DC ballet “to serve you with the utmost grace.”

Talk about an infusion of art. But is that what visitors to the nation’s captial really want? Made up of mostly tourists, perhaps a more historical experience like that of The Westin Embassy Row or a family-friendly stay might be more appropriate. Personally, I found mornings where I craved my Holiday Inn “continential breakfast” and the challenge of cramming donuts into an ice bucket. Maybe visitors want to spend their time exploring art out in the city rather than in the hotel.

No doubt, art is an egaging way of marketing hotels with a unique selling point and seems to hold much possiblity both nationally and locally. Have you had an artful stay lately?

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5 Responses to “Artful Stay”

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    Jarvis Says:

    Although I don’t want to spend my time in a hotel when traveling, I appreciate a hotel room when it doesn’t have that bland, institutional feel. Nice post.

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    Craig Says:

    I suppose it’s impossible to recreate the experience of flopping on the couch at the Chelsea Hotel… and so it’s always interesting what the consumer market proposes in the realm of the artful stay. I’m a fan of the real dive hotel (or motel), where I lavish in patterns in vinyl and polyester that I never knew could exist. And recent art projects (commissions, no less) have scouted locations like our own Sybaris and some of the twenty dollar motels on lower Lafayette Road. What is an artful hotel? Through the eye of the camera, it’s not the one marketing itself as such.

    Great topic, Noelle.

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    Hutch Says:

    My wife and I stayed at the 21c Museum Hotel in September. It’s worth the drive and the $$$ to stay at least a night. Besides the hotel art collection and the red penguins, there are other museums and the Glassworks nearby to visit.

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