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That’s right.  We did it.  We made blog t-shirts.  We asked you for slogans, compiled all the ideas and then chose the cream of the crop for an IMA blog poll.  If you recall, the top 5 slogans were:

  • “Blog your art out” by Eric
  • “Future IMA Guest Blogger” by Despi (that’s me)
  • “Like you have something better to do” by Henry
  • Front “Ping” Back “” by Lindsey
  • “When you need a good poll” by Despi (yep, two from me)

The poll winner was Eric, by a landslide.  So it is his slogan that made its way onto the t shirt.

Slogan conceived by Eric, design perfected by IMA's Matt Gipson

Slogan conceived by Eric, design perfected by IMA

Designed by IMA Apps Team member and Web Designer, Matt Gipson, these tees are available for sale in the IMA gift shop ($20).  For those of you who submitted suggestions for the poll, you should have received an e-mail from the awesome Emily (also known as Demily) asking for your address.  If you responded a t-shirt is on its way to you right now!

So what should the next poll be?

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