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Making Preparations

Daniel and I are currently in Spain, traveling to Madrid, Navalcarnero and Seville, shooting video, conducting interviews and making preparations for a trip during Holy Week to document at least one procession in conjunction with an upcoming, IMA organized exhibition called, Sacred Spain: Art and Belief in the Spanish World.

Sacred Spain will be at the IMA in the fall/ winter of 2009. So why are we shooting video now? We need to make arrangements to permit our presence (cameras and all) at Holy Week events in the spring. Since the subject matter of the exhibition inherently includes religious contexts, filming events related to them is more complicated than the traditional b-roll we shoot of museum facades or ancient monuments. Under curatorial advisement and with the help of Ilenia Colon-Mendoza, an Indianapolis expert in this subject matter, we have met with a variety of people already to convey our intentions and secure local permissions. So far, so good.

We hope the result of our work will shed some insight on the art featured in the exhibition which include a variety of works from the Baroque era. I must resist the temptation to name drop here as I do not have curatorial permission to do so, and I would not want to steal any insitutional thunder. Maybe if you ask for more, our curator (Ronda Kasl) will respond to your inquiries…In the meantime, you can see photos documenting our trip on IMA’s Flickr page. Enjoy!

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