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Available Seating

The current Star Studio exhibition, More than Four Legs: A Closer Look at Chairs asks visitors to think carefully about and look closely at chairs. Of course, since this is a Star Studio exhibition, visitors are also encouraged to translate these thoughts and observations into practice by creating a model chair to display or take home.  I thought it might be fun to share images of a few of the chairs that visitors have left in Star Studio.

These chairs are being created by artists of all ages using a simple template as a starting point.  Feeling inspired to try your hand at creating the next innovation in seating design?  Drop by Star Studio and get to work.  As always, the activity is free and available all hours that the museum is open.  Can’t make it to Star before the show closes?  You can still make a chair!

Download a printable template adapted from the die-cut that Carla Hartman designed for use in Star Studio.

Download Chair Template

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