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Happy New Year!


From all of us here at IMA blog head quarters, we wish you a safe and happy new year!

As a gift of sorts and to make our vows public, we’d also like to treat you to some of our resolutions. Enjoy!

Daniel resolves…To be nice. Eat Twizzlers. Play soccer. Be brilliant. To follow some advice from Ghandi: Be the change that you want to see in the world. And in the words of LL Cool J: Don’t call it a comeback, I been here for years.

Charlie resolves…For this techie to learn the difference between modern and postmodern art.

Anne resolves…To bring more film artists to the IMA and to The Toby…Wim Wenders, anyone?

Gary resolves…To get the gambling monkey off my back.  I give it 20-1 odds.

Matt resolves…To ween myself off of fast food, join a gym, and to always remember to check things in Internet Explorer before sending out a link!

Amber resolves…To live in the now! No more worrying about the future and what it holds – just live day by day and enjoy it. Also, I need to drink less soda and take my vitamins. Baby steps…

Irvin resolves (with obligatory preface)…I’m a bad, bad horticulturist so first of all – take better care of the plants I’m overwintering. Sow more seed (but no wild oats). Photograph the gardens as they develop this year.

Phil resolves… To impress Anne Laker then together continue taking over greening the world.

And if you too want to make your resolution public, leave a comment!

Until the ’09, peace.

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IMA Developed Websites: 2008 in Review

To wrap up the year we thought we would highlight the many (web) faces of the IMA.  Below you will find our Top 10 list of websites that we have created in semi-chronological order.

Exhibition: Breaking the Mode

Exhibition: Breaking the Mode

IMA Facebook Fan Page

IMA Facebook Fan Page

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Tidying Up

I received an email the other day from a good friend with whom I attended the Cleveland Institute of Art in the mid 1990’s. He had been back to Cleveland for a visit, and had met up with another CIA painting alum to walk the galleries at the Cleveland Museum of Art. He wrote about revisiting paintings that had been important to him during school, like Rubens’ Portrait of Isabella Brant and about other paintings that stood out now, at this different moment in his life, including an Inness landscape. I haven’t been back to Cleveland since 1999, and I’m curious about which paintings might stop me now, and how different the list might be for me today than it would have been 10 years ago. To tell the truth, it isn’t necessary to travel to a museum that I haven’t been to for many years to have a similar experience. I’ve been working at the IMA for a little over five years, and I am amazed by how often a work of art that I haven’t paid much attention to suddenly asserts itself.

Isabel Bishop’s Tidying Up

Isabel Bishop’s Tidying Up

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Thinking about Summer

The 'head' courtesy of

The 'Head'

I had planned to go out in the gardens today and get some pictures of the various shrubs with good fruit for this blog. The weather didn’t exactly cooperate. I’m writing this on Tuesday and so far at 2 in the afternoon we have gone from bitter cold with wind to freezing drizzle, oh yea, there was that brief little snow fury, and later we are to get some wintery mix followed by more freezing drizzle and some sleet. Can you tell I’m just thrilled to the bone? But no sense dwelling on it too long. It will be what it will be and I really have no control though I keep trying. Pity. So instead I am going to tell you about some of our summer annuals for next year. Looking at summery plant porn always makes me feel better. Not warmer, but happier, thus making accepting what I cannot control a bit easier.

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Our Gift to You

A Look Back at Works of Art Newly Displayed at the IMA in 2008

If you visited the IMA’s permanent galleries more than once this year, it is likely you did not see the same works of art. Each month the IMA rotates different works of art in an effort to display the breadth of the Museum’s collection. The scheduled rotation is determined through a collaboration between curators and conservators. Curators decide which works are displayed and their display time frame, while the conservators regulate the exposure time of certain sensitive artworks. Below are just a handful of the hundreds of works newly displayed in the IMA’s galleries in 2008:

For a look at all the works that went on view in 2008, visit the IMA’s Dashboard.

In celebration of the IMA’s 125th anniversary, the Museum also sought to acquire 125 new gifts to add to its collection this year. Stay tuned for a complete recap of this project.

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