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The Davis LAB eye candy

Thanks to Tad!

Thanks to Tad!

Last week I announced the opening of The Davis LAB and launch of ArtBabble. If you stopped by on Saturday to check out the LAB and chat with IMA staff, thank you so much. It was a good turn out. Our goal is to plan more events in the next year where we get to meet those in the local community interested in what we’re doing with the blog, technology and more. A couple of readers expressed some interest in seeing some photos of the LAB. We’re also setting up some times for other museums to visit, to learn more about the LAB, see the installation, and more or less, talk shop.

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Astonishment On Tap

What would you like more from your museum?

a) label after label of well-behaved information; or

b) a blast of curiosity that renews your capacity for awe at the world’s wonders.

If you chose “b,” get thee to the Museum of Jurassic Technology. This humble but noble institution in Culver City, California is dedicated to “the incongruity born of the overzealous spirit in the face of unfathomable phenomena.”

Pictured below is one of the museum’s many specimens: a micromosaic made from the individual scales of butterfly wings, by one Henry Dalton (1829-1911).

At Museum of Jurassic Technology

At Museum of Jurassic Technology

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Art Museum Interactivity

To our delight, The Davis LAB opened on the first gallery level of the IMA Saturday. (To learn more about the LAB, read Daniel’s most recent post.) From my opening-day-experience, I found that a wide range of museum visitors were drawn into the space, tempted by the shiny touchscreens or the cool pseudoscience, atomic age design and lighting. My favorite comments from the day included a little boy who was squeezed into a chair with his older sister watching live ArtBabble projected in HD on the wall.

“This is really cool,” he said timidly, referring to the space. Daniel showed him the new animated trailer for ArtBabble, to which he replied, “That was not cool…I mean that was not long enough.”  Read the rest of this entry »

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The Art of the Easter Egg

I’m a software developer, so obviously I am talking about the ancient practice of embedding hidden features into software.  Even the left-brained need a creative outlet of some form.  I thought I would share a few of the software easter eggs that I know and enjoy.

Type 'about:robots' into Mozilla Firefox

Type 'about:robots' into Mozilla Firefox

  • An excerpt of the book of Mozilla.
Type 'about:mozilla' into Mozilla Firefox

Type 'about:mozilla' into Mozilla Firefox

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IMA Recommends

Phil's Pharmacy

The IMA pharmacy prescribes the following links to combat Monday online anemia. – We the people have a redesign. Macon Phillips, Director of New Media for the White House,  has taken change and applied it to the Fed’s main web outlet. This slick new site has quick links to video, a new blog, and contact information. For those that don’t remember the old site, check it.

Handmade Bicycle Show – This February, Indianapolis will host an event for bike enthusiasts and artists. Bikes with an art slant? This IMA employee and bike-ist will be there for sure. Oh, and a clown holding a U-Lock is clownin’. – Check out this green-design blog and get ready for us to host, “Shaping a New Century,” a design symposium that will bring world-class designers to Indianapolis for two days in March. With “green-ness” always in mind, this IMA employee is particularly interested in this transformation.

ILoveYouMoreThanBlank – By way of the lovely Emily, comes this early Valentine’s day treat.

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