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The IMA pharmacy prescribes the following links to combat Monday online anemia.

Jeremy Mayer – A week ago, I saw the “Bodies…The Exhibition” exhibition in the basement of the Indy Weber Grill. At the end of the show, you are given a little glimpse of what a human looks like underneath when there’s metal implants and stuff grafted into flesh. I’m into cyborgs in general and T-800 in particular and I have a feeling Jeremy is too. – Make your own Obama “Hope” poster with this fun website from the Paste Media Group empire.

Designm – (By way of Jenny the intern) This website calls itself a blog, but it’s really much more than that. It has resources for everyone from a professional in the design world to the college student wondering how to get into the business. Even for us wannabe designers there are useful tips on how to better use illustrator, improve your website, etc. Check out the gallery for some inspiration…

IMA European Design Website – Brand new and up and running. View the trailer, read about designers, and sign up for the symposium at the onlineĀ  home for “European Design Since 1985: Shaping the New Century.”

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4 Responses to “IMA Recommends”

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    Kevin Says:

    Thanks for the great posts. I’m always looking for information about Indianapolis’s modern design/art/homes. Check out some posts on Sell Modern ( and let us know if we can share some content with you. Thanks again.

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    For what I thought were obvious ethical reasons, this IMA employee does not recommend that Bodies exhibition to anyone.

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    Anonymous Says:

    Wow…IMA is promoting artist websites on their blog? Can I send you mine?

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    Phil Golobish Says:


    I’m not sure everyone knows the obvious ethical reasons. Now that I know them, I’ve changed the link. However, I honestly only meant to recommend Jeremy and what he’s doing with typewriters.

    Good looking out.


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