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The Killers Play Chicago

SinglesI like pop music, and were I a teenage girl I would have at least six more posters of Brandon Flowers in my bedroom. I like and love Brandon and his band, The Killers, and was lucky enough to see them perform last night in Chicago.

For a group that is referred to as a “singles band,” a slight slight meaning that you can only count on them for having one or two good songs per album, The Killers played sixteen true bangers to about 10,000 people who knew all the words and were jumping up and down the whole time. When you consider that they only have three albums, a usual two singles per, the math alone makes it hard for this follower of Flowers to believe the slight.

I like pop art, and if I were a house wife in the 1940s I would want at least six prints by Norman Rockwell hanging or sitting around in my living room, kitchen, and study. While I probably wouldn’t care for the way Norman looks, I would probably love the brief but good feelings his work stirs in me while I struggle with money and watch the world try to tear itself apart.

For an artist that is referred to as an “illustrator,” another slight that in my mind means your creations are cute but not really art (again, whatever that means), Norman’s blend of technique and ability to capture the feelings attached to a moment were popular during the dark times of The Great Depression and WWII and now are always happily welcomed whenever my daily gallery stroll takes me past his single, “The Love Song.” Maybe it’s because I’m a sucker for “Mr. Brightside,” and because I have an appreciation for fine brush work, it’s hard for this failed musician turned art-museum-marketing-guy to again believe the slight.

flowersofhopeMonday was Martin Luther King Junior day. On Tuesday, America witnessed the inauguration of Barack Obama. With popular culture in my mind as I walked in to work this morning, I just happened to see a whiteboard with the text, “Flowers of Hope” scribbled in dry erase marker; apparently a name for an MLK day activity for children. Of course, Brandon instantly came to mind, and then Barack, and then Shepard Fairey and his “single” the Barack “HOPE” poster, (Fairey in my mind being simultaneously the antithesis to Norman’s “cute” but also his pop-punk counterpart), and upon witnessing all this I was staggered by how this swirl of popular culture was all coming together and making my heart swell. Forget a critic. In this musing bloggers mind, the power of feel good pop-music, mixed with feel good pop-imagery, mixed with little kids having fun being creative with pop-ideas, can’t be discounted.

Anyway, while I’m not sure if I have any profound statement about the cultural importance of popular/populace art and music, I am sure I’m a fan.

Killers set list @ UIC Pavilion in Chicago


1.    Spaceman
2.    Losing touch
3.    For Reasons Unknown
4.    Somebody Told Me
5.    Smile Like You Mean It
6.    This is Your Life
7.    Joy Ride
8.    I can’t Stay
9.    Bling
10.    A Dustland Fairytale
11.    Neon Tiger
12.    Human
13.    Sam’s town
14.    Read My Mind?
15.    Mr. brightside
16.    All These Things That I’ve done
17.    The World We Live In
18.    Shadowplay (Joy Division)
19.    Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine
20.    When You Were Young

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4 Responses to “The Killers Play Chicago”

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    Michelle Says:

    Amen! I’ve spent most of my life being an astute fan of pop culture. Whether it be visual art, music, literature, theater, film, television, whatever. That’s not to say that I don’t appreciate the more “alternative,” “intellectual” or “traditional” forms of art. I like it all. But something about the usual fleeting nature and pure ridiculousness and kitsch of pop culture is what seems to also make it so universal. I quit trying to defend my artistic tastes years ago. I like what I like! And I do like the Killers!

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    IMAFan Says:

    Part of me would have loved to see the Killers (I “get” the singles thing, but I think they have too many fans and not all in their teens, thankyouverymuch… :)) And very cool to know they covered a Joy Division song.

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    Daddy Says:

    Human: My favourite song at the moment, although other people are reacting badly to it…. and my favourite website about The Killers Discography:
    Nice Work

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