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May I present to you – The Davis LAB & ArtBabble

Drum roll please.  After months of planning, coding, designing, critiquing, laughter, inappropriate laughter, sweat, blood, encoding, decisions, indecisions, mistakes, moments of ctrl-alt-del, late nights, early mornings, epiphanies, and many other things, I am pleased to announce both The Davis LAB, and officially ArtBabble.  To quote the artist, Willis ‘Bing’ Davis – It’s been a whole journey of love.

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about plans for The Davis LAB, and shared some early design concepts.  Well, on Saturday it opens and you can see it for yourself.  Phil & Noelle in marketing, just sent out a Facebook invite to all of the IMA Fans.  If you’re free on Saturday, stop by our new space to meet staff, check out the final designs, maybe get some free stuff and…that’s about it.

We have some amazing designers on staff.

Computer interface for The Davis LAB -We have some amazing designers on staff.

Actually that isn’t it.  The opening of The Davis LAB is also your first chance to experience ArtBabble — our new online, HD, art video station/website – really, much more – a new way of experiencing video.  It’s currently in its Beta version with many of us (Marketing, Education, New Media, Application Developers and more) still tweaking, writing content, adding videos, finalizing design, etc.  In recent posts, I’ve preached a little about releasing sites or projects in a less than perfect state.  We’re doing the same thing with ArtBabble, but with a twist.

ArtBabble sneak peak - we've got great designers here

ArtBabble sneak peak - we've got great designers here

The twist is this.  If you visit – you get a sign in screen.  We’re being slightly protective about the site for the time being.  We are still making changes by the hour and importantly monitoring the quality of video delivery.  If you’re going to take the time to watch our brand new documentary on Maya Lin, a conversation with Robert Irwin (featuring our very own Richard), or relive some of the highlights from our Roman Art from the Louvre webis, we want you to experience this in 720p!  So, we’re releasing AB in its Beta state, where membership has its privileges.  Sign up for an account and we’ll gradually release access to ArtBabble with your own set of invites.  You can spread the love – kind of like you did when you got your Gmail account.

Or – if you can’t wait for one of the AB admins to release your account, you have (2) options.  The first, is visit The Davis LAB starting Saturday and beyond.  We will have the unrestricted version of ArtBabble running in the space on a projector or our computer stations.  You can Play Art Loud, select any of our videos, find the official defintion of ArtBabble – and send invites to your friends, families and fans – directly from the LAB.  Option (2) – If you live outside of Indy, have other plans or just want it now, leave me a comment.  I’ll look up your e-mail through WordPress and send you an invite.  I have plenty.  Babble On.

Don't you want to send some invites?

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