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Survey Results:

For those of you who are regular blog readers, you’ll probably remember a post from earlier this year where we talked a little bit about user personas and how we use them at the IMA to try and improve the ways we produce web content.  In that post, we asked for help in taking a survey that would refresh the information we have about our online audience.  I promised that we’d share results with you on how things went and what we’re learning.  Never one to shirk on a promise, here are some of the results on that survey…  some pretty interesting bits in here!

You can find a lot more graphs from the survey results in the rest of this post, but I thought it would be interested to just pull out a few interesting stats for you up front.

Stats Quick-Hit:

  • 480 People took the survey between 12/22/2009 and 2/9/2009 (our web traffic during that time included 113,000 unique visitors and 450,000 pages served)
  • Almost 90% of people who took the survey were satisfied or very satisfied with their experience on
  • The average visitor is Female (67%) and between 25-34 year old.
  • More than 55% of website visitors use Facebook! Guess keeping the IMA’s facebook page flush with content is a good idea!
  • Sadly 51% of survey-takers Never Comment on Blogs (c’mon… poke us a little, we don’t bite!)
  • Survey-takers were overwhelmingly Caucasian. Our real attendance through the doors of the museum is different than this, so it seems like we need to do a better job of reaching some different audiences.

We’ll be contacting the lucky winner of the iPod touch this week and sending out the love to them!  Thanks to everyone for helping us with the survey!  We’ll be back in touch as we put together a new set of user personas to use for some upcoming web work.

In the mean time, enjoy sifting through our data for us.  If you see anything interesting here, be sure to be one of those 49% who do comment on blogs, and Let Us Know!  We’re happy to answer any questions you ask!
















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3 Responses to “Survey Results:”

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    Meg Says:

    Once again the IMA is leading the way in transparency. Thanks for sharing, Rob!

    I think that it’s remarkable that nearly 1/3 visited to “check out IMA’s art content (i.e. blogs, video, tagging)”! That’s fantastic. Congrats!

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    silviaff20 Says:

    I sent your stats to my students. It’s very interesting. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

    I was wondering what is IMA doing on the mobile platform level?

    See you at M&W.


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    Rob Says:

    Thanks Silvia,

    Great to know that the information will be useful! Let me know if your students have any interesting insights…

    RE: Mobile stuff… we’re currently working on a mobile app platform that we can use going forward to handheld tours of special exhibitions… We’re planning on keeping things REAL simple to start, as such the development work might not be that difficult…

    We’re still looking for that extra-little-something that will make this tour standout from the crowd… We’ve got a few ideas, but have yet to determine which one will emerge from the software development cage match :)

    Any thoughts?


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