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Yahoo BOSS and  SearchMonkey – I’m super fascinated by this whole “semantic web” thing. With these two technologies now being able to be tied together, word on the web is that Yahoo is looking for a breakthrough. Very interesting. – A beautiful blog, at least in my mind, about designing for the web. The Feb 13 article, “10 Writing Tips for Web Designers” was particullary interesting. Check out “Tip 2” and prepare for your mouth to mouth the word “wow.”

Skateistan – BOOOOOOOM! is relentless with the postings about design. It also just recently turned me on to Afghanistan’s first skateboarding school. I know that skateboarding has saved at least one local life. However, knowing now that there is a school somewhere converting Afghani youth to the cult of sidewalk surfing has got me totally stoked. – By way of Gary, comes this little something that lets you be creative/waste time. Once you’re done creating, Bomomo has a “save” feature that lets you use your creation wherever you like. A person could probably make a lot of hot web 2.5 graphics with this thing.

European Design Facebook Contest – The week two winner has been selected. Up is the new picture!

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